Astroprint touch Cancel print

When I cancel print on touch.
I can not get back from this screen.

Can you tell me the version of your astrobox software? Also does the printer disconnect after the cancel?

I can use web interface and control printer from it.
No respond on touch panel.

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I have the same issue
Astrobox touch V0.14(0)
Astrobox touch ui 0.6(0)

With Flashforge Creator Pro

This seems to be a problem with the S3G driver ( Sailfish based printers such as the FFCP ). We think we have a fix coming in the next release.

Printer is Qidi tech1

Has this issue been fixed? I am still experiencing this on Astrobox_Touch 0.20(4) , Astrobox Touch UI 0.13(3). (Using Sailfish on FFCP)