Astroprint Touch Problem custom Slicer Settings


Okay, this has been driving me nuts, and I’ve finally found out what’s happening, hopefully someone has an answer for this!
When I start a print from the Astro print touch (.stl file), I am selecting my custom slicer settings to print with. When the file is done slicing (in this particular case), I have a print time of 3hrs 45 minutes, and am getting things like extra adhesion and other items I specifically did not ask for!
Now, when I log into the astro print cloud, select the same file, and the same custom slicer setting, my print time is 1hr 38 minutes, and I’m getting none of the “extras” I didn’t want, and it does what it should!
(I should also mention that Simplify 3D is claiming 1 hour and 16 minutes which was accurate…but I digress)

So it appears to me that starting the print from the astroprint touch, is basically ignoring the custom slicer settings, and using the defaults…can anyone else confirm this is happening with them as well?

Printer: Prusa Mk2s
Tested Slicers: Prusa PE & Cura 3.6


We will look into this.


Have you had a chance to take a look?