AstroPrint unreachable message on AstroBox Touch

Hello, I am hoping I can get some assistance. I haven’t used my Astrobox in a few weeks and when I powered it up and attempted to sign in I am getting the message “AstroPrint unreachable” “We’re having problems reaching AstroPrint”.

Nothing in my configuration has changed since before when it was working correctly. Can anyone provide some troubleshooting guidance?

Thanks kindly

Still cannot get the AstroBox to connect.

There isn’t a problem with our servers. This is very likely an issue with your box or network connection. I recommend you plug your box into the network using a wired connection and then reboot to see if this would update its internal clock. A bad internal clock makes DNS requests fail when making calls to our servers.

If you continue to have problems, please open a support ticket as it might be an issue very specific to you.