Astroprint without internet



I installed astroprint on my raspberry pi3, everything has been working great until now. When I got home today my internet connection to the house is dead and when I boot up my astrobox it seems it doesn’t work over Lan ether. My question is, is it possible to use astrobox when internet drops locally or does it rely on internet connection? My second question will be then, if I’m printing and my internet connection drops, does the print fail?


You only need internet if you are using cloud functionality and remote monitoring.

Also, the Astrobox should automatically re-attempt a connection to the AstroPrint Cloud in the event of a connectivity interruption.

You should be able to use your AstroBox locally without internet though :wink:

Nope. The GCODE file is completely sent to the printer before a print starts.

Therefore, the loss of internet will NOT stop a print in progress.

The only thing that will stop a print in progress is a local power failure to the printer :wink: