Astroprint wont connect


Hi got my raspberry pi model b+ trying to connect astroprint to my printer.

I have tried all the baud rates and hajve tried unplugging the usb ect. It did nothing.
Please help as I want to print


What printer do you have?

What firmware does it run?


I am having the same issue.
I brand new to 3d printing. (less than a week) I can print it I am directly connected to my laptop. But my printer is in the garage. I don’t want to have to keep going back and fourth. My astrobox (rapberry pi3) has a good connection because the webcam is working.
My set up is
astrobox with raspberrypi 3 with Wi-Fi dongle
I can see the box through the cloud but I can’t connect to my printer… Any help would be great… Its pretty cold here I would love to be able to print from the comfort of my living room


Is your printer one of these:


Yup it’s a Robo R1+…


Have you tried different baud rates?