Automatic pause at specific layer


It would be great if you could have a setting to pause the print as soon as it starts on a specific layer (or make it support pause gcode commands). Competitors (like OctoPrint) have this feature, and in my opinion, it is the only major feature you’re missing that puts you behind OctoPrint.

Pausing at a specific layer lets you do a filament color change easily, without having to time it perfectly. Many printers support the pause gcode at a firmware level, but for the rest of us, it is difficult as it requires manual intervention currently.



@Parker_Link you mean besides having an entire cloud system to manage and monitor your printer and files from outside your local network :wink:

We are aware of the limitation you mention and will include it in a future release of the AstroBox (which is really the only product in our suite that is comparable to OctoPrint :wink:

Just for the sake of clarity, we don’t consider ourselves a competitors to OctoPrint at all. In fact we offer a plugin so that OctoPrint users can still enjoy the benefits of our cloud: