Autostart from source not working properly

I’m trying to run Astroboz from the source code (initially so I can stop it from turning off the heaters after every print completion and cancellation). I’ve been able to do this by issuing an appropriate command via ssh but this is inconvenient and I would like to start the program each time the Rpi is booted up.

I’ve mostly been able to do this by pointing the run commands in /etc/init.d/astrobox at my source installation but this doesn’t work completely. For one thing, some status items like printing state and temperatures are not being returned to the web pages consistently. If I issue a restart command to Astrobox before doing anything else, it works for the most part. If I use the pages first and then restart the service, I cannot connect to its web page.

Besides adjusting the AstroBox/run lines to point at my source copy, is there anything else I should be doing to make it autostart properly as a service?

More to the point, has any other user succeeded in running from source and starting Astrobox automatically.



Although I still don’t know why it’s happening, I was able to work around the autostart issue by adding a restart to the script 30 seconds after the startup is executed.

The only problem left is that the print bed not clear dialog comes up after completing or canceling a script and I can’t think of anything I’ve done to cause this. However, it’s just a matter of dismissing the dialog to continue so it’s not a big deal.

Other than that, I’m finally able to leave the heaters on and now have the potential for making other customizations.