Bed heats up randomly?


I have a CR-10S Pro. Randomly during PLA prints on blue tape the be heats up randomly. This warps the bed, since its been leveled cold, causing the part to be ruined All three settings in the Cura Slicer are set to 0. I am currently running the tiny machines Marlin build. Any thoughts?


What happens if you run a print locally without AstroPrint, does it still heat up randomly?

Maybe check the gcode file and look for bed heating codes?

It could be very dangerous so I wouldn’t run the printer without finding out what’s going on.


No issues printing from the SD card. It seems like when I use the Slicer it mixes up the start codes and the rest of the g-code. I can delete all files. Turn bed leveling off, upload, slice, and it will still try and auto level each time for the next few prints. It’s all good though. Have since went back to printing with the SD card. No problems.


Any chance something in the Start commands under your printer profile in AstroPrint is effecting this?