Better File Management In the astroprint cloud for print farms/power users

Can I make a few suggestions?

We have 10 printers, about to put another 14 online, so will have to pay more $$ due to the limit imposed on kickstarter backers.

We currently have dropbox folder where we sort all our gcodes

If we want to make an edit to ALL our gcodes, we can easily do a find and replace using notepad ++

I would love to be able to keep this directory in sync with the astroprint cloud but there is a few limitations currently.

  1. You can not bulk delete files
  2. No sub folders
  3. I can’t drag and drop 10 folders and it will mirror/match complete the file/folder struture from my computer
  4. I can’t easily update these files by bulk dragging in again and updating old files.

It would be great if this this astroprint cloud folder could be accessed via a FTP link or something so it can be synced with a windows folder or even better integration with dropbox or google drive

you can acess the pi over sftp, using filezilla or something similar, you just need to write a file (with no extension) named ssh in the boot folder of the sdcard, username and password will be the default for raspberry, i strongly recommend you to change it.

Im not sure you can access the cloud folder, but at least the internal files you can

We already use a sync program to sync our dropbox to our pi, but this has nothing to do with Astroprint.

In order for astroprint to be commercially successfully and us to use it, we need to be able to manage our files and print/queue our files IN astroprint cloud. Otherwise whats the point