Bug Report - PreHeat

I have noticed a problem with astroprint which is a real annoyance when using your great software on a raspberry pi.

If you have pre selected heatsin the target temp pull down box, use one to preheat the printer and cancel a print or complete a print, astro print will not respond if you re select the same pre selected setting to keep the temp up for the next print, instead you have to either manually type in a temp or select a different temp preset.

Can you please look into and fix this issue?

Certainly. We will look into it. Just to clarify, is this on the AstroBox Web UI or the touch screen version?

Hi Dan,

Sorry its on the web UI

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We have looked at this. It might be how it works by design. When the temperature preset is already selected you can use the black temperature icon to its right to start the pre-heat. We do also start to preheat when we detect that the preset has changed and that’s maybe what caused confusion.

Does the button work for you?


Hi Dan,

Thanks for the reply, to clarify, the presets work for the first print as does the black preheat button, however if i cancel a print for say a bad first layer and click the black preheat button or try to select the same preheat from the pull down menu astroprint ignores this and continues to cool.

This is an annoyance because you have to either wait for your machine to re heat or by the time you have gone to the pulldown menu and typed a temp one degree higher so it does start to heat again your printers bed could have dropped ten degrees and your waiting for it to heat again.

I apprecite the help

Thanks this clarifies things

Hello! Thanks for catching the error, it will be fixed in next Astrobox version. In the meantime you can get passed it but just refreshing the page.

Hello, if I hit the black button it will not take the command. It does switch to the loading Icon. The black icon with the turning rocket.

Im using the WEb UI as well.

Best regards and thx for helping