Bug Reports - Cluster App

Marking a print “Ready for collection” does not retain status if the print does not belong to a collection. Seems to work as intended if it is added to a batch first.

its not easy to add designs directly from the cluster, it has to be done from design library

and there is not way to set the amount needed of a design

the only way to set amount needed is to add a requester, then add a request

would be better to have the option to set amount needed directly when adding the design

also the requester can only request designs that are in the cluster

where does the requester request from?

Get in touch on the map links to the forum, one would expect to be able to pass a messege to the cluster admin

the last one is kind of important as there are more on the map than in the forum, and not everyone might be glued to the forum

the 3 videos are also skipping on what the batch feature is for

I know this is based on that makers donate filament, but i guess that some places give back filament to makers that has been donated to the cause, so it would be nice to be able to track what amount of filament makers need to get back

and when makers report a print ready they can opt to mark the the filament is donated

another idea is have shipping as an option so that pickup locations is not the only choice
in denmark the national postal service gave free shipping to the project, so if the maker had the option of shipping then the admin could generate and send a shipping label to the maker