Camera doesn't work after last update



After yesterday’s update 0.14, my rpi cam v2 stopped working. Its being detected and everything seems to be ok but when trying to get any video or picture I get an error. I did some checking and after debugging I’m getting these:

sudo vcdbg log assert
001177.638: assert( source ) failed; ../../../../../middleware/confzilla/cp_front_fdt.c::cp_front_fdt_load_builtin line 115 rev 4139c62
vcdbg_ctx_get_dump_stack: dump_stack failed
002986.903: assert( card not initialised ) failed; ../../../../../filesystem/media/sdcard/sdcard.c::sdhost_close line 1045 rev 4139c62
vcdbg_ctx_get_dump_stack: dump_stack failed
007237.288: assert( camera_subsystem_state.power_enable_ref_count[port] > 0 ) failed; ../../../../../vcfw/drivers/device/camera_subsystem/camera_subsystem.c::camera_disable_ctrl line 1116 rev 4139c62
vcdbg_ctx_get_dump_stack: dump_stack failed

Can you tell me what could be the problem, or anything else to check?


Seems to me like sd card corruption. Perhaps you need to reflash and consider using a different SD Card.


Ok thanks I will do that and let you know if that was the case. Thanks


Great that was the case. Video works again, and also everything (astrobox booting etc.) seems to work faster, so thanks for the hint.
Unfortunately before reflash I used VP8 instead of H264, as I had a lot better image/video quality in VP8. Now the VP8 is very slow the video freezes a lot - don’t know if anything has changed in encoding since the last update.
On the other hand I would use the 1080p h246 instead of 720p vp8, but this mode seems to be not fully supported by Astroprint on picam v2 yet. I have the 1080p in the menu but cannot switch it on an error shows up - only 720p or less works.