Camera error Creative HD 720


I am using a Creative 720 camera on the latest 0.14(0) firmware. I was told that I needed to enable port 443 in my XFinity modem firewall, which I have done by using the port-forwarding option. All I get is “camera error”. I went into the video settings in the A-T and saw that the encoding was set to VP8, which is the same setting I use for my iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Pro, via your cloud settings. I changed the resolution setting from 640x480 to HD (1280x720). I left the rotation at “no rotation”)

If I go into “test” and click “Start video” it says “preparing video” and eventually the screensaver kicks in, and when I touch the screen it is back on the “Start video” page again.

It appears this camera is not compatible with the AstroBox Touch. Unfortunately, I have no other USB webcam to try. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


We only test with the cameras listed here:

We’re unable to test with every camera in the market so have picked a few at different price points.


I went to the list of tested cameras. I bought one of them, the Logitech C615. When I tried to connect from my iPhone, it told me that I needed to select the format H.264. I did this and got the same camera error as before. I tried resolution of HD 720p and HD1080p, with no change in behavior. I have rebooted the box twice, no change in behavior. Mostly, the screen keeps saying Preparng Video until it drops into screensaver nide. When I click on the screen, ir returns m.“Start Video” screen.

i can take still pictures, but not videos.

Note also that you makk the "mirror horizontally: and “mirror vertically” options mutually exclusive. Ain’t so, guys; if I MH then the extruder appears to be in the right place (it is parked on the left) but the image is upside-down. If I MV, the image is right-side-up but, as shown in the screenshot from my iPhone, reversed left-to-right. I need both. The camera mount I got places the camera upside-down. Or I could fix it by having you give me not just +90• and -90• but also rotate 180°, which would simplify things tremendously.

So why doesn['t the camera you say works actually work? And what do I do to get video?

Oh, I just discovered that I can’t attach photos to posts. If you want to see the screenshots, send me an email ( and I will reply with the photos.