Camera is able to take still photos but live video feed is not working. Using Raspberry Pi 3B paired with Raspberry Pi Camera V2


I set up my Astroprint last night and I had the video working fine while I was setting up the unit itself. This morning I started a print and when I arrived at work to test out the remote viewing, I was unable to view the video feed of the printer. I can only take still photos of the print. When I try and play the video it just gives me the monkey graphic and I cannot view the live feed. I know the camera is working because I am able to take photos however I can’t figure out why the video is not. I had it working last night so I know that it isn’t a camera issue. I did enable the camera in the sudo raspi-config as well so we can rule that out. If anyone has any advice it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


The monkey basically means that the connection hasn’t been established and it’s waiting for the video data. How long have you waited?

Also it’s possible that due to network conditions like firewalls and other security measures in either the box network or the video playing network can indefinitely prevent the data transfer


That’s the same symptoms I was seeing. May be a different problem, but take a look at

Video not working - mostly solved