Camera reliability on astroprint


So… I have camera video problems and ive always had. I have changed the raspberry to better one, changed the camera(two logitechs, ps3, raspberrys own) … Changed settings… Its unreliable. No matter what i try to use to watch it… Computer(chrome), android phones and tablets with different browsers… It works or doesnt. Really annoying… and it has been like this from the beginning i started to use astroprint.
Im sorry to ask, but should it work ok at all?
Ive been thinking to change the camera to ip-camera, but i like to have all the settings on same app/web-page :confused:

Of course it should work :neutral_face:

If you can take photos with your camera, the camera isn’t the problem. We use WebRTC for livestreaming and that might be the problem for you. You should open a support ticket so we can take a look