Camera Streaming

Hi, I have a problem… In the local network, the camera sends images and streams. Works on Android Phone (android 7.1.) with your app even in chrome on PC. But it doesn’t stream outside the local network, only screenshots. Previously, everything worked for me outside the local network, without problems. It stopped working a long time ago after some update. I use ABT with the latest update. Where can the problem be? Thank you for answer. Luke

This is unfortunately the way it works whey you use our system via the OctoPrint Plugin. Due to limitations on the OctoPrint Camera system we can’t deliver video across networks including the AstroPrint Cloud

I only use the ABT system, without any plugin. Previously, this streaming also worked outside the local network.

Oh sorry I missed that you said that on your post… In that case please open a support ticket with us and send us device logs.