Cameras fail with all rotate functions

This is new behavior, observed on two identical printers, each with an RPi Astrobox, each with a PS3 camera, verified same behavior on each. I hadn’t noticed this prior to v0.17(4).

The cameras stopped functioning after a recent update, and after much trial and error I was able to identify the problem. In camera setup, when using any Image Rotation option other than No Rotation, application reports a camera error when attempting to stream video or take photo. Camera functions normally when No Rotation is selected. My cameras mount upside down, thus these have been set to flip vertically for quite some time.

Thanks for this. We’re going to look into it. Do you remember what version you had before the update and how long since you ( or us ) flashed an image on your SD Card?

I don’t recall the specific version, but I generally install updates within a few days of release. It hasn’t been more than a version or so.