Can anyone get 1080 camera images?

I have my third camera, None of the listed ‘compatible’ ones seem to be available. The newest that I bought, just for the Astrobox, is a pretty generic model, for Win,Mac and Linux. Like the others before it, I can’t set it for 1080 images…this one goes to 720 which is a step up from the previous ones stuck at 640 but still well below what the camera should do. Has anyone gotten a 1080 image from astrobox?

I have tried both encodings but I always get the message that the higher resolution is not support.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Right now I monitor from a webcam but would like to do a higher res time lapse captures. Any chance Astrobox might support an IP cam in addition to USB?


We don’t have plans to support IP cams at the moment.

1080p might be too big for local connection as the video isn’t encoded in H.264

Are you saying that 1080p is too big from a USB cam? OR that the RPi can’t stream it locally? Pretty sure my wifi can do it and the problem doesn’t happen just when connecting to the Pi over the network but directly on the ABT is where I get the error when I try to set up the camera…it tells me the resolution is not supported but I know the camera can support 1080. Is there any chance a wired connection would help (seems unrelated more like a camera driver issue)…wifi is easier but I could relocate my printer near a wired port.

In a local connection we use MPJEG video which is basically a rapid succession of JPEG images. 1080p JPEG images are big and the network, the pi and/or the browser might not be able to handle this stream effectively. When using WebRTC for across network streaming we use H.264 encoding which is much more efficient way to delivering video.