Can Astroprint Desktop in on 32bit windows?

we are testing Win 10 tablet that run on Win 10 32bit 1709, but can’t install Astroprint Desktop

is it only for 64 bit windows 7/8/10 ?


Yes, we only create 64bit builds.

Sorry for reviving an old thread, but I’m curious - how did the testing go with the Win 10 tablet running on Win 10 32-bit 1709?

Hi! I wonder whether you were able to find a way to install Astroprint Desktop? I’m new to this forum, and I’m always interested in learning new things. That’s why I went to the Windows 10 cheap to find some tips and tricks for working with older versions of Windows. As far as I know, Astroprint Desktop is designed for 64-bit Windows 7/8/10, so it might not be compatible with 32-bit Windows 10. But don’t give up hope! There might be a workaround or a different version of Astroprint that can work with your tablet. I just wanted to share my personal story and hopefully offer some helpful advice. Good luck with your testing, my friends!