Can I run CURA on my Astrobox instead of the Astroprint stuff?


Im new to 3D printing and the Astrobox. I got it to move my printer out of the house which the Astrobox accomplishes. However I do not like the slicing/setup options as its not printing out my parts the same and I cannot get the supports the same as the CURA (even after tweaking and adjusting settings the same). Either half the supports are not there, or they are welded to the part and I cannot remove them even with a damn chisel. Im sick of wasting materials and time, babysitting the printer when I try using the Astrobox.
I want to use my CURA Lulzbot edition that came with my printer because its dialed in and working perfectly. Is there a way to run that, instead of the Astroprint stuff? I don’t care about the cloud, or any of that,… I just want to sit at my desk in the house, click print in CURA, and in the other building (where my wifi reaches) it prints out.

I hope that makes sense what Im looking for.


We don’t have cura integrated in the Raspberry Pi. You can however create GCODE with the Lulzbot program and upload it directly to your AstroBox


ok thanks. Anyone want to buy a 3 day old Astrobox?


@Neil_Olivier We also use Cura in the “AstroPrint Stuff” (our cloud slicer). Perhaps we can try to help you get better prints? Which printer model is it?


I have the same issue, I have a Lulzbot mini. I recently switched to a pixelbook, and got rid of my windows machine, so I now use the Astroprint cloud with Astrobox. I used the Cura Lulzbot edition as well on my windows machine, so I am familiar with Cura, but the lack of customization is taking me awhile to get use to. My prints are ok and with a bit of experimenting they will get better. But the supports are no where near what they were, very hard to remove and ruining prints as well.


We’re working on Cura 3 integration now which I’m assuming is what you’re missing.