Can Not Power Cycle and Can Not Install Update-Help?

Hello and thanks in advance with your patience with me. I have been enjoying my AstroBox trouble free for some time but I do not have enough memory on my SD card in order to update the software. This was fine for quite a long time but now it is necessary to update to to lack of space on the SD card. I flashed a new SD card and received a “success” message so I have reason to believe it is okay, but I am uncertain how to verify this and I can not seem to get it to function. The problem is that I can not power down the AstroBox on its screen nor can I power down using the interface on my computer or the app either. If I unplug the AstroBox from power and insert the newly flashed and larger capacity SD card, the AstroBox gets stuck in “booting” mode and never boots. This inability to power down has been present for a very long time and I regret I did nothing about it. I believe I need a protocol in order to solve the problems sequentially in order to restore the ability to power off, upgrade the software and also enjoy greater capacity. Again, thank you and I apologize for not having addressed this sooner.

Hello? Is there anyone there?