Can not save Wifi Network Settings


Have a new astrobox set up on a RasPi using the recomended wifi dongle. Everytime I go to change the wifi settings, I can scan for networks, select my network and enter a password. After waiting patiently, it informs me that settings could not be saved. I am able to connect to my box both LAN and through its hotspot.

The network i’m connecting to is 2.4g, works with numerous other devices. Printer is a Rep2, but that should not be a factor here.

Please advise!


Edit: The network I’m trying to connect to shows up as a “Known Wifi Network”


Can you share a screenshot?


Hopeully they uploaded in order. My wifi network automatically switches back to my home network, but when then the astrobox hotspot turns back on and I have to reconnect to the network. At which point the network is no longer saved. I also tried using my phone’s hotspot.




Is it possible that when Astrobox tries to connect to a router via WPA2, it doesn’t transmit special characters possibly? It is now telling me that the password is wrong, but that password works with all other devices. (not caps-locked and it’s spelled properly)


Update to that- changed the wifi password to something simple, still no good.


This works well for us and pretty much everybody else. It has to be something related to your WiFi security configuration. What can you share about you WiFi security settings ?

You can also open a ticket with us if you rather continue in private:


I opened a ticket via “submit a request”.

My wifi settings are standard/low. Nothing particularly secure. This network is pretty much dedicated to IOT devices. Standard WPA2 with an alpha numeric key. Low firewall settings.