Can we set a Z-offset?

Hi there,

I am trying to get my nozzle height dialed in and am curious if here is a way to set a default z-offset for a connected printer. I can do this in Cura in the Machine Settings and was hoping for something similar in AstroPrint. Thanks in advance!

hi @jaxon, we don’t currently have this but it’s a good suggestion that we will add in the future.

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Thanks for the quick response @Daniel!

This post I see is from 2015, I just started using Astroprint, and have the same question. I need to change the z-offset, it was said 3 years ago that it will be added, is it added? I am running the most current version.

Wow, time files :slight_smile:

z-offset wasn’t possible in the version of Cura we have right now 15.04, however it is for Slic3r. You can change the preferred slicer in your printer profile advanced settings at After you do that you can use “advanced settings” in the print screen and you look for this:

The next version of Cura that we’re working on (v3) might have it. it would still be a few weeks before it’s available.


Thanks, I’ve never used Slicer, but now might be a good time.