Cancel buton is not working

When i hit cancel on astroprint cloud or mobile app remotely away from my network, the print stops, but i cannot get the temperature to cool on the bed or hotend. The print will not update to cancelled either. Please help.

It’s possible that the printer is disconnecting for some reason when executing the cancel commands and missing the cool down commands. Does it work every-time when you cancel from the local network?

It works fine when I’m connected to my local network. The cancel/pause button and changing temperatures doesn’t work, only when I’m using cellular service on my phone for example when I’m not home.

How about everything else? Are you receiving progress notifications, can take photos, and start a print from the web?

Yes sir, it just doesn’t allow me to change the temp, cancel, or pause. Just does the loading circle above the button. Everything else works beautifully.

If you don’t mind, please open a ticket here. and send us logs via settings / software / advanced so we can dig deeper.