Cannot access printer

When I try to access my printer today from Astroprint on my phone all I can see is ‘Locked’ at the top of the screen and the message below 'Octopi with the line underneath ‘You need to be logged’

I cannot delete this printer, I cant create a new one - all in all I cant do anything - what is wrong?

I have to say, not a good experience using this as I only started to use it last week :frowning:

I decided to try and reauthenticate the printer and when I enter the API kep I get the message @user access key mismatch’

Not looking good :frowning:

This is with our OctoPi Plugin, correct?

If so, did you try re-authenticating with the AstroPrint Cloud? (Not sure what you mean by printer)

Removing and Re-installing the plugin might be a good option.

I think I have worked out what the problem is - each time I switch the raspi off after completing a print AstroPrint loses the synchronisation key.

If re-enter the key into the AstroPrint plugin by copying it from you site then it works - until I switch it off again then it gets lost and AstroPrint won’t work

Any ideas why this happens?

Somehow your octopi server doesn’t have permissions to write in the plugin’s db and therefore we can’t persist the changes.