Cannot connect to my printer

I have been using AP for some time, now. I have always had it connected to an Original Prusa MK2.5. The printer has been out of commission for some time, but I finally got it up and running, again. Printer is working like it should. However, when I plug the AstroBox into the printer, it can’t connect to it. I have tried every baud rate and rebooting both, but it just won’t connect. Short of reflashing AP and starting over, does anyone have any suggestions?

I believe that the printer has a setting to enable RPI Port, this should be disabled.

This particular model (MK2.5) does not have that option. The other strange thing is that my camera was working fine, now I cannot get video. I just updated to 0.16a. Any other thoughts before I reflash?

Unfortunately not. I think reflashing could the next logical steps