Cannot connect to the Astrobox Hotspot

I see the hotspot on my windows 10 PC and I click the hotspot and it does its thing for a second and then it says can’t connect to this network, I restarted the PI and my computer and it does not change. any advice?

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Also note that the hostpot does not provide internet connection (only connection to the box) some computer might reject that. I don’t know Windows 10 but there might be a setting.

It worked fine the other day, I restarted the PI and we’ll, I’ve tried to connect but it continues to say “can’t connect to the network”

I’m having the same issue. Can not connect to Astrobox hotspot with either Windows 10 or OS on my iPhone.

It appears that this problem is more widespread than we thought. I worked fine in our tests. We’ll look into it.

In the meantime, another way to find the box is to connect it to your network using a wired connection and use AstroPrint Desktop in a computer connected to the same network. Once installed to to “Apps” in the top menu, then “Printer”. This should find your AstroBox and allow you to launch to it, configured it to go on your WiFi and disconnect the cable.

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I’ve recently started setting up my raspberry pi, I’ve got it plugged in to the printer and a wired connection but it just says it’s offline with no option to launch. Am I missing something?