Cannot stop printer & printer stopped after touching


Hi I just put the astroprint on a pi2 to mange my craftbot.

I can start a print and I can see the videp from the USB camera. But I cannot stop and pause the print.

Also what happened is that I touched the printer after almost 2 hours and then the printer suddently stopped as i got a small electric charge.

Any ideas how to fix these issues?




Not sure about the first issue, but this is definitely not due to the astrobox. If it was something bigger than a static electricity discharge, you might have a electrical issue with your printer.

What happens when you try to pause or cancel a print? Any errors? Warnings?

Also, which version of the astrobox is this?


Its the latest. When I cancel the print it cancels online but not on the printer.



Thoughts @Daniel?


Is this a x3g or GCode printer. Was this from or the local AstroBox web UI?

My initial guess is that the AstroBox might have bad connection to Internet and missed the cancel command as it was being delivered


Hi Daniel, its a gcode printer. I started the print from