Can't Connect Octoprint to Astroprint Account

I put the access key into the plugin to link it to my account, click “Link AstroPrint Account”, it asks me to authorize it, I click yes, it sends me back to my Octoprint interface, then I click on the Astroprint tab and it’s back where it started.

I have a video of what happens here

-Using Raspberry Pi 3B

I think your expectations of what will happen may be incorrect, what did you believe would happen?

This should add your octoprint to the astroprint cloud.

I found that I needed to disable my adblock for the connection to work. I also had to enable CORs for everything to work properly.

Jeremy I would probably try and ask questions and not jump to conclusions. Jesse had assumed that after providing the access key the Astroprint tab would display something else as it should. If you watch the set up video it does exactly that.