Can't Generate Wifi Hotspot


Good morning,

I have been trying to set up a new Astrobox on a RPi. I have a Pi with a Edimax wifi dongle in it. I’ve downloaded the latest version from your website 0.13(11) and flashed it to an SD card and booted the Pi. No matter what it does not generate the Wifi hotspot so I can set it up for the first time. It see the “failed to start lsb wifi access point” mentioned in other posts but I already have the Edimax adapter. I’ve swapped different Edimax adapters to be safe. One time I even hard coded the wifi credentials and was able to access my internet but then there is no way to set up to Astrobox. I was just able to apt-update.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Is there a legacy version I could install and then just upgrade from? I had a version on this Pi setup previously but it was a 0.9 version that wouldn’t take an update anymore. Is there a way to set up everything from command line?

Thank you!


If the box finds a network it won’t open the hotspot. Also we have remove the need for an Edimax (the driver was too old) but you would need TWO WiFi interfaces. On the RPi3 this means 1 dongle as it has an internal one but on the older ones you need two dongles or you can follow this guide instead: