Can't stream video using PS Eye

Hi I’m after some help to stream video from my ps eye. I have it set to VP8 and low definition (as high isnt supported) and I can only ever video stream from the same network - never via 4G regardless of whether I use a windows pc chrome or android firefox or android chrome. Any hints on how to get this working please? I can however get photos BUT only if i select the images to be at “ea layer” intervals. but i would prefer a video if only for a 10 second period via cellular data (not wifi). I’ve tried looking through all the forums but most point back to the VP8 setting or patches that are now obsolete.

Support for WebRTC in mobile OS ( and mobile networks ) is still low. We’re working on better support via our native apps. Take a look at this for more info:

Hi thanks for the reply! I’ve tried 4 of the combinations that “work today” thats on the page that you have linked. As i also just tried the firefox VP8 but with no luck.

Is external (not on the same network) viewing possible at this stage?

I can imagine its quite difficult to facilitate the streaming ability through a browser and that the app might be easier. Do you know a release period for the android app?


Remote viewing is supported ( provided the emitting and receiving networks don’t have any firewall or rules that prevent WebRTC ).

We’re beta testing the apps at the moment, I think in about 1 month the apps would be public but video will come a little later.

I’ve just realised I’m even having trouble video streaming on the same network. If I log on to my account I can’t view it, but even if I use the same browser on the same pc (chrome) and enter the IP address ONLY THEN can I view a video stream. Do you have any suggestions,

I also can’t seem to turn it off via the top right hand power icon. It has an error stating “There was an error starting the shutdown sequence”.

Am i having bad luck or what?