Can't update, connect to WIFI, etc


I recently updated, per the prompt on my home screen and now nothing but hotspot connection works. I re-flashed version 12_4 to my Astrobox but still nothing. I temporarily got it to work by resetting to factory defaults but it stops working a couple of minutes later. Now even the reset won’t work and gives me the red drop down saying Rest Failed. I try to download an update and get the Reset Failed. WiFi dongle is the Edimax and was working before I downloaded the latest update.


Also meant to add that my printer is no longer shown on my cloud account. Which makes sense since the Internet tab says no connection. But when I click on connect and then click on my WiFi SSID and type in my password, I get the red drop down saying Internet Connection Failed or something like that.


Hi George, it’s unlikely that the latest update has caused this because 100s of people have upgrade without problems. To help see what might be going on with your unit, plug it to a wired connection and send logs to use via settings / software / advanced.