Changing baud rate in 0.14?


I have followed the directions I found online but am unable to locate baud rate adjustment.

Astroprint-> Settings->3d Printer->Connection

All I get are options to rescan (which ends in same result) and change firmware/print settings.

Can someone point me to the right menu?


If your printer has the S3G driver configured (Makerbot, FF Creator Pro) it will not have baud option.


I have a Creality CR10. Connected with USB to the RPi running the RaspiCam. I can use the cam to monitor but I cannot connect the printer via USB despite using the recommended cable (which works fine to connect my old Mac mini to CURA).


Can you send a screenshot of your “Connection Settings” Screen?



Ok, under USB Device there should be a port. Your box is not detecting a port. This is most likely HW related. Have you tried other USB ports on the Pi? Different cables?


Sure enough. The cable seems to be the issue and thats the one thing I thought I could rule out since it was brand new and worked with my Mac!

Thanks Daniel!!



Not sure what happened but shortly after getting it connected the printer crashed and would not restart for about 5 minutes despite changing power cords and outlets. Then it came back up and AstroPrint seems to be communicating with it just fine.

Doing a small 2hr test print to make sure everything works but so far it looks promising!