Changing Default Print Speed


New to Astroprint, but not new to 3d printing! I have everything working my Prusa MK2S, but I can’t find a place for the life of me where I can specify the default printing speed! The closest I can see is if you create a custom slicer profile, but the only place I can see to set “default” speed was the top box labeled “Perimeter Speed”…is that where the default speed, and the rest of the speed %'s is taken from, or am I missing something?


If its a one off change, when you click print on a model, select Advanced Slicer Settings and you should see a Speed section where you can modify the various print speed settings.

You can also save a Custom Slicer Profile right from that same screen by checking the box in the bottom left corner “Save My Custom Settings”


I’ve done that, but I’ve noticed when using the Prusa PE slicer advanced settings there isn’t a “speed” setting, just a perimeter setting, is that what needs to be adjusted to increase overall speed?