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Hello All! If you are a Maker in the Cincinnati/NKY Tri-State Area and are involved in Covid relief efforts, We’re looking for you! This thread is a place to connect with others, ask questions, whatever!

I live in Florence, KY and currently working from home as a Network and System Administrator. My current 3D Printer is Creality Ender 3, and I look forward to connecting with makers across the area who are interested in helping our hospitals and health facilities fight Covid-19.
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Hi Patrick,

I live near Louisville and am at home right now. I work in IT as well and have the same 3D printer as you do.

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Do you have a plan for delivering the PPE gear?


We currently have myself and Richard Eichhorn coordinating requests and have been handling deliveries as of now. Do you have any suggestions and/or do you know of any needs in your area?


Hey Chad, thanks for joining us! If you’d like to help out, go ahead and grab a design and start printing away, we can meet in the middle to pickup printed parts if you’d like.

Just an update. We have all but two of the COVID Masks fitted to the individual user and ready to go. These mask will allow Southern Highland Joint Fire District to conserve there very little inventory of N95s and send their used ones out for decontamination.

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