Clean Hard reset on AstroBox


How can I do clean Hard reset on AstroBox, I see reset button on AstroBox, does this button do clean hard reset ?
Please also explain what does reset button on AstroBox does ?


The button is a Hardware reset. To do it cleanly it’s better to use the “turn off” button in the AstroBox UI first. When instructed you can either disconnect power or hit the reset button.


“turn off” using the UI then unplug sounds like a shut down rather than a reset. Is there a “factory reset” to make it like it was new out of the box? for instance, if someone bought a used astrobox or was having technical difficulty with their own.
Also, I don’t see any buttons. Does the current version of the Raspberry Pi that you are using not have buttons?


This is regarding the old AstroBox. I’m going to close the topic. However before I’ll answer your questions:

  • The Raspberry Pi ( the board we use now ) does not have a reset or shutdown button. Users are advised to perform a software shutdown using the UI, wait for the green light to stop blinking and then pull the power cord.

  • You can do a “restore factory settings” operation from “settings -> Software -> Advanced” in the web ui