Configure Astrobox Touch with cheap 3.5 TFT screen (rotation and inverted colors fixed)


Here are the steps I followed to fix all the issues I got with my cheap TFT screen. Now it’s working perfectly.

Initial setup

  • Download Astrobox Touch from
  • Flash Astrobox Touch image to your SD Card
  • Copy the license and lid files to your SD Card’s .astrobox directory (files without extension)
  • Write a file (anything) into the root of the SD card and name it ssh (without extension). It will enable sdcard access for SSH
  • Download LD-show from
  • Copy LCD-show-master to sd card
  • Connect your 3.5 TFT Screen
  • Insert SD Card into your Raspberry Pi
  • Boot the Raspberry Pi. Wait
  • Turn off the Raspberry Pi
  • Take the SD card out and put it in your computer
  • Backup the config.txt file (important)
  • Put the SD Card back into the Raspberry Pi

Enable SSH and configure TFT Screen (rotation and inverted colors fixed)

  • Connect a keyboard to the Raspberry Pi
  • Connect an external monitor using the HDMI port
  • Plug the Raspberry PI
  • When you see the Astrobox logo, press Ctrl-Alt-F1. A command line will appear on the external display (not the TFT screen)
  • To enable SSH, type:
    sudo touch /boot/ssh
  • To configure the LCD screen, goto the LCD-show-master folder and type:
    sudo ./LCD35-show
  • To rotate the touch, type
    sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/99-calibration.conf
  • Change the calibration line like this:
    Option "Calibration" "300 3932 3801 294"
  • Exit and save the file
  • turn off Rapsberry Pi by typing:
    sudo shutdown -h now
  • take the SD card out of the Pi and put in your computer
  • modify the config.txt file. LCD-Show removed everything after dtoverlay. Put it back (remember the backup I asked you to do)
  • modify dtoverly to rotate the screen. add ,rotate=270 at the end.

Enable SSH tutorial: