Connect Astro Box to Hidden Wifi network Without any other network?


Hey AstroPrint community, I’m in IT/support (read: if it has electronics, you work on it) and I’ve been tasked with 1) Fixing a 3D printer(different beast entirely)

and 2) Managing that 3D Printer after, and it has to be simple enough kids can get it, so naturally I’ve got an AstroBox that I’d love to try and use for that, however at work our Wi-Fi situation is a little weird, and I’m having issues connecting the Pi to our Wi-Fi. Our only public SSID network has a captive portal, so when I use the Pi from httP;// it starts to connect, but never pulls up the captive portal, so I can never click through to be allowed through to the network. We have multiple hidden networks that do not have captive portals, just a WPA-2 Password, but since I can’t connect to a network to SSH/PuTTY to the Pi, I can’t manually set the hidden wifi network can I?

Help! Thanks AstroPrint Community


We can’t work with networks that have captive portals. There’s a way to manually set the network SSID and password at the system level. Here are instructions for it:


Hey Daniel, I’ve followed the instructions provided however, adding the network manager: manual (noting the 2 spaces) and adding my SSID and password in the interfaces file for wlan0, however when I try to connect again it’s stuck on “Your astrobox is still booting up”


This is a sign that the config.yaml is not properly formatted. You could open up a ticket in our support system and send us you file so we can see what might be going on.