Connect astroprint desktop to printer over local network

Is it possible to connect to a printer on a local network from within AstroPrint Desktop?

I currently have a RasPi AstroBox configured with a wired connection to our network. I’m running Astroprint Desktop on a computer that is wired to the same network. The printer does show up when I go to apps -> printers, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to connect to it and control it from the computer.

You can’t control it (yet) but you can print to it. If you select your printer model, material and quality and hit Print , you will the option to send the print file to the local printer.

I’m having the same issue. I can’t print over local network wireless with and Astrobox using the Astoprint Desk Top application. I see three options, 1. USB directly connected, 2. Local printers , I search for my local printer and it times out, 3. Cloud print. I have used the cloud print option which works. Was just wondering why it wont find my local network printer with the astrobox print.

Do you see the printer when going to apps -> Printers?

No I don’t which is odd. I am able to print if I upload the STL to astro cloud

Says there was an error with with Logged user try again later.

It might be best to move this over to a support ticket. Please open one here: