Connect to camera on network like you can with octoprint?

With octoprint, you can connect to a camera not connected to the raspberry pi (via USB) via its ip address. Under the webcam > stream URL settings page.

I use an old Android phone with the IP camera app to allow me to watch my prints in high quality.

I want to try astroprint which I know is based on octoprint, but does it have this feature?

Thank you

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This is not supported at the moment but it’s on our dev roadmap

Thanks for letting me know :+1:

Is this still on the roadmap? Are there any 3rd party/workarounds to get an IP camera added?

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No plugins at the moment and unfortunately other higher priority items keep getting in front of this.

This would be a great feature to add. Many people would like a close up and further away view of their build.

I’m using and old Samsung S4 with IPcam through octoprint and it works with astroprint.
There’s a few seconds delay when i hit the “take picture” button, it’s not straight as if i had a webcam, but i have a picture.