Connect to Touch via browser


So I finally want to try and use my touch. I cannot figure out how to connect to my touch via my browser. In general, I slice on my computer and send my file to my astrobox and send the gcode from there.

My astrobox failed an update and got stuck in a reboot loop. Ages ago I configured it used my wired LAN but I can’t find the instructions I had to do that (I really wish I could just edit a text file on the SD card with the SSID and password). As I am now waiting for a dongle, I tried my touch. However, I cannot find it on my network and the one newer item that I thought it might be (no name, list letters and text) does not allow a browser connection.

I can’t find anything other than a set-up video. It is set up, connects to my printer and webcam. Now what? Where is the text documentation here?


We don’t have text documentation at the moment.

Your questions is bit hard to understand, I think you’re mixing two things.

a) A problem with a previous AstroBox Gateway and how to configure it to your network.
b) How to upload a file to your AstroBox Touch

I think the easiest thing would be to open a ticket with us and take one problem at a time.