Connecting Slic3r 1.29 "Print To" feature to Astroprint


I really like my Astroprint box, which is tied to an Original Prusa I3. Slic3r incorporated a new feature to allow a direct print to Octoprint, which recognizes my Astroprint box, but won’t connect to it. Most of the features in Slic3r are replicated in Astroprint’s Advanced Settings, save object placement and orientation, so when you need to do those items, work flow could be enhanced with just using the Slic3r ‘print to’ function.

Any chance the Slic3r “Print To” function can be made to work with AstroPrint? or does anyone have it working?


Great suggestion. I have added it to our repo for tracking:


@steve2 this is now done. Actually it already worked, we just needed to expose the API Key to you, which is now part of the upcoming version 0.8(6) in the advanced settings screen.

We’re planning to release that version next week.