Connecting to Network Requiring Username

How do I get my Astrobox to connect to a network that requires both a username and password? I only get a prompt for password and the connection fails.

We don’t currently support these kinds of networks. In orther to help us improve would you provide someone details regarding your wifi configuration?

We are starting to work on these and would love to have some beta testers + people to tell us more about their network so that we can open the range of supported enterprise wifi support.

Please send us a message at if you are interested I helping us out with this.

Hi Yes i would love to be a beta tester for this my enterprise wifi at cisco does not allow me to use astroprint over wifi

Thanks for the offer. We’ll be in touch

Any update on this? My wired connection is very closed as the printer is in an Engineering lab.

No developments yet, sorry. Other things got in the way. The wired connection should work, have you ever tried it?

it was working but recently stopped being able to access the outside network

I would also be interested in enterprise networking support, my school network uses wifi and I would like to be able to configure my pi zero w to utilise it’s capabilities to streamline my setup. Please notify me on any developments. I’m excited to see what the recent additions like Astroprint mobile and desktop allow the ecosystem to achieve. However right now I’m more focussed on getting my Pi connected. I’ve been trying to use WPA_Supplicant but that has it’s own set of problems.

There’s already a development task for this: