Control more than one Printer?

Is it posible to run 2 instances of Astro on one pi?

We haven’t actually tried but I can tell you that the system wasn’t designed for multiple printers, I would think that is not possible without significant redesign.

Would I have trouble running two different Rpi’s on the same net work and is it a new ip?

Thank you!

That’s no problem as long as they have a different name also. By default we add a -xxxx (4 random numbers) to the default name to avoid network collision, make sure you use different name too if you rename the box during setup.

There are customers that have over 10 boxes connected to a single account in the same network.

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hello , is this on your plan to control multi printers in upcoming versions

The current design is one controller per printer. There are no plans to implement a multiprinter controller.

Any chance this can be relooked at? Alot of people have more than one printer now and buying multiple pis is a bit silly when we could theoretically plug multiple USBs into one…

I believe repetier server now does it. Can Astro print join the club? :dancer:

Can someone clever adapt this for astroprint?

I can only begin to imagine the flurry of problems that such a setup will create with the current implementation.

Granted that these problems could be solved but not without a lot of resources thrown into this. At the moment we’re focused in other areas that, in our opinion, will bring more benefit for most people in the community. These include: release of the mobile and desktop apps, astrobox touch, api, printer sharing, GCODE upload to the cloud, proper multiple extrusor support, ongoing bug fixes and a few surprises.

I’m just adding my support for this feature request… I know there’s a demand for this, and by making Astroprint capable of this, would give it some incredible traction in the maker community!
It could actually put Astroprint on the map, and have people looking at this awesome software rather than OctoPi which most people swear by :slight_smile:

Astroprint have a great UI, which of course still would need ongoing improvements. But it would be very fitting to have this same UI, manage multiple printers! I’d love to help with UI- and UX-design in this regard (that’s my thing and sort of what drove me towards Astroprint in the first place).

However, I do recognize that it needs resources to get work like this done, so how about another Kickstarter for this?