Controls - Invert any axies

This might be a “feature request” but I’m not sure if I’m just missing something… is there a way to invert the controls on an axis? For instance - on my lulzbot printers, when I click the “towards me/negative” button for the Y axis, the bed moves backwards/away instead of forwards/towards. This is right if you think about the nozzle, but confusing for kids who expect their print/bed to move the same way as the arrows.

In octoprint, I can check off “invert control” in the printer profile.

We implemented Z axis inversion but didn’t think that XY was a problem. We might need to beef up our profile settings.

I know this is an old thread but I too would like the option to invert the Y axis. On printers like the Prusa and CR-10, it is a bit counter-intuitive to have to think how the head would move in relation to the bed to match the arrow movements. But the head does not move, the bed does so it would be nice to have the moving item, in this case, the bed, move in the direction of the arrow selected.

I understand the view that it is ’ extruder position relative to the bed’ but you have created an amazing piece of software that is both simple and intuitive to use but then expect simpletons, like me :), to have to think of something that is not reality. If I click back arrow I want the bed to go back, not have to think how does that translate to the position of the extruder in relation to the bed.