CopperFill, SemiFlex, Coffee PLA and other experiments using AstroPrint (on a FlashForge Creator Pro)

Hey guys.

Just wanted to showcase some prints that were made using AstroPrint :wink:

For reference, I used a FlashForge Creator Pro connected to the AstroPrint Cloud when printing all of these.

I’ll include design file links and print settings if I have them.

DESIGN FILES: The Madeleine Church


These are some of my favorite prints to be honest.

They were all printed using ColorFabb’s CopperFill.

It’s a bit pricey, but the prints are quite amazing.

DESIGN FILES: Easter Island Moai Statue, DMT Molecule, The Eiffel Tower, Head of Buddha.

Print Settings

Layer Height: 0.25
Infill: 25% 
Print Speed: 50 mm/s
Skirt Lines: 2 
Skirt Gap: 7
Support: Touching Build Plate
Print Temp: 205 °C
Print Bed Temp: 55 °C 
Retraction Speed 35 mm/2

I still haven’t polished the CopperFill prints yet because I don’t have a tumbler. I know you can polish it by hand using 0000 (very fine) steel wool – but I gave up because it was too cumbersome.

Eventually, I’ll put these prints in a Tumbler and let it tumble for 24 hours. Once that’s done, it should look really good like this.

Here’s a few more clips from when I printed with CopperFill:

That’s it :slight_smile:


I’ve tried regular NinjaFlex many times but couldn’t get consistent results.

SemiFlex on the other hand is MUCH easier to work with. Plus the prints are excellent.

Print Settings

Print Speed: 20 mm/s 
Print Temperature: 225 °C 
Print Bed Temperature: 30 °C 
Retraction Amount: 6 mm

The top of the tiny Eiffel tower didn’t come out as well as I wanted, but when it’s that small, it’s a bit tricky to print.

DESIGN FILES: The Eiffel Tower, Egg Holder (couldn’t find it), Sharkz (not recommended to print with flexible filament as it defeats the purpose),

SemiFlex is definitely one of my favorite filaments :slight_smile:

ProtoPasta Aromatic Coffee PLA

ProtoPasta’s Coffee PLA is interesting. It smells like coffee when you are printing (which is one of their selling points) – but after it’s printed, it just looks like dark brown PLA.

I am not a huge fan of the filament, but still had fun printing with it.

DESIGN FILES: Coffee Spoon Rest, Groot Bust, Tree Stump Pencil Holder, Espresso Cup.

That’s it! :slight_smile:

Hope you enjoyed all of those.

Our Chief Design Officer (Josh) also printed a fully functional Violin (called The Hovalin) a while back as well.

What are you printing right now?

What cool prints have you printed in the past? (Include design file links if you have them)

Would love to see some pictures! :innocent:

I’ve messed with NinjaFlex and my results have varied as well. I can get consistent results with builds that have no openings such as your shark example, but the egg holder would be a definite no-go. I have a roll of TPU (not SemiFlex) and have yet to give it a try … your results give me hope.
Also, going to be ordering some of the CopperFill sometime soon as the pic of the tumbled print intrigues me and I have a tumbler sitting idle at home.
I find the smell of coffee nauseating (yeah, I know) so I’l be passing on the Aromatic Coffee filament, but I’ll be breaking out my brown PLA for that Groot model.
Thanks for posting.

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