Covid Cluster - Fulfilling request?

Within a cluster if a person were to print a design, I see how it is linked to the various spots in the cluster app. However, once the print is “delivered”…there is no way to actually link the delivery to a request.

This means that there would be no way to track that a request has been fulfilled.

Am I missing something or does this feature need to be added?

Thank you

This feature is under development. Keep in mind that we’re releasing this software pretty quickly and in some cases with partly done features so that they can be useful as soon as possible. At the moment the demand area can be used as a repository of what has been ordered but not ( yet ) as a way to mark things as fulfilled.

You can then click on “view request” and remove the ones that are fulfilled.

This is by no means the way it will be done but it’s something that you can do in the meantime

I am just leaving my requests “pending” and all the parts as “printed”, so that the needed and printed are reflected correctly. I have been tracking what has been delivered separately. Fortunately I do not have the need of ‘print id’ tracked.

Can there be a thread/topic created for release notes/enhancements specifically for the Cluster app?

I understand it is in its infancy, however when updates are released it will be nice to know that has happened, and what was updated/new/changed in the app.
Or what is in the near future pipeline at least.

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I do agree that info for the cluster app seems to be pretty sparse. This would be useful.

Thank you @Daniel for the explanation.

Off topic but while I have you:
1.Any ETA on when the Dashboard will be up and running as well?
2. A slight but was found. If you click on “Pickup Places” and then “Pickup Map” and over hover the location pin…the headings are still in spanish.

Not yet, we need to make sure the whole flow is functional first. Also it would help us if you let us know what you would like to see there.

Thanks for this. I will be fixed in today’s push.

We will add this and report on major functionality additions. Thanks for the clarification.

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I’m still seeing “Printed 0” on the designs page, even though I have 19 prints recorded as printed & delivered.

Is this a bug, or an incomplete feature? If the latter, can you guys hide stuff in the UI that’s not well-baked?

@bear454, as of right now its not complete. You have to leave them as “printed” in order for that number to reflect correctly.

@Daniel - Where will we see feature changes?

I’ll create a pinned thread for release notes.

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Have there been any updates? Likely no as I haven’t seen any posts but I also have not noticed any discussion at all. Seems too quiet with everything going on.

I did create and pinned a post. The big update will come next week where the demand area is completed.

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Awesome! Look forward to it!