Creator pro - Dual Nozzle Control


I have just setup Astroprint with my Creator pro for the very first time :slight_smile: Having an Astroprint resurgence in readiness for the ABT license option :slight_smile:

I see that the extruder representation is reversed from actual. ie in the Dashboard Extruder 1 is shown on the left and extruder 2 on the right. However, extruder 1 actually controls the right extruder in reality so the visual representation of these in the dashboard is reversed. Can this please be changed or is there a setting I have missed?



As you might now, AstroPrint addresses many printer models. We can’t make assumptions on how each manufacturer assigns the extruder number in their printer’s HW. Presenting extruders in ou UI from left to right is natural (e.g. 1,2,3 etc).

I understand that the Creator assigns the extruders it in the opposite way but we can’t make exceptions for one model or overly complicate the settings UI for something that would give only marginal improvements in my opinion.


Thanks Daniel, completely understand. I just wondered if I was missing something or had set the profile up incorrectly.



How about putting in a preference setting under Profile? I don’t think a setting “Extruder 1 is on the left/right” under Settings/Profile would over complicate the UI, and would be greatly appreciated. As someone that uses a Creator Pro, I agree with Neil that I would very much like to see this.