Creatr with 7" touch, and many custom mods


I have finally finished the current set of mods for 1 of my creatr dual printers.

I have everything illumination light of the bed, the astrobox power and all ancillary power being controlled by the master switch on the unit.

I run 12 volt fans for the bed cooling with a voltage regulator/transformer taking 24v to 12 dc

I run the raspberry pi off of a 24v to micro usb adapter:

Printed out a case and holder and made some custom mounts

then I added a single input (printer controller) to dual out put (1 output to my pc and 1 to my raspberry Pi Unit) selector switch, so that I can run either unit to control the printer without having to plug or unplug anything

I have the touchscreen programmed with a onscreen keyboard and also have a micro keyboard/mouse to make thing faster if I have much typing to do.

My second creatr is setup the same way except for the usb selector switch.

I use a dremel with some micro burrs to clean up my prints but found an old belt drive dental drill at a yard sale for $5 and bought the handpicks off od eBay for $20 and have what i think is the coolest rotary tool ever LOL


Looks great! Thanks for sharing! :slightly_smiling_face:


hello, nice job,
may you help me to make the touchscreen working?
i have the 7 inch raspberry original one