Cura Slicer out of date


I have come across a very problematic problem with the cloud slicer used.

As I often use a Raft on top of a LokBuild/BuildTak surface, I have been wondering why the Air Gap wasn’t being applied.
Looking through the Gcode, and it is plainly obvious that the Z axis is being reduced, not increased in height for doing the air gap.

This issue has already been fixed in later versions of Cura

The version used by AstroPrint Cloud is 15.04.6
Any idea as to when the cloud slicer will be updated to a more modern version?


We have Cura 3 under development right now.


Any idea when it will be out? I’m looking forward to using my astrobox again. Version 3 is superior to what Astroprint is currently using.


I just wanted to know Bout a possible timeline for the update of the Cloud slicer.
I really appreciate to slice I. the Cloud, sparing me to fire up a PC, yet I am not too happy about the slicing results.
Cura 3/4 would be highly appreciated!